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Learn to complete TOGAF certification and how to put TOGAF to use. Practical hands on current best practices from the author of the TOGAF Series Practitioners' Guide, Leader's Guide, and SOA Practical Guide will up your game.

Training delivered by Dave Hornford, is identical to what we use on our EA Capability engagements.

We have helped thousands of people reach their potential.

TOGAF, the video provides

TOGAF 9.2 Certification Preparation


TOGAF 9 Training course lectures and study guides to prepare for TOGAF 9.2 certification

Enterprise Architect Training


Hands-on exercises using a Conexiam consulting case-study to teach practical enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture Professional Tools


Free membership in Practical EA

Access to all Conexiam Community EA. Navigate template, techniques, and ongoing professional development. Templates ready to use.

TOGAF, the video has been hailed by practitioners globally

Pass the exam

I passed with near perfect score! Your training material is extremely helpful. Thank you for all the help.

Maggie, Chief Architect, Power Distribution & Transmission

Improve yourself

I have gotten more done with my EA Team in the last 6 weeks than I would have in the last 3 years…

Tom, Chief Architect, Business Services

Adapt to your schedule

While I got off to a slow start due largely to work commitments and a healthy dose of procrastination I really enjoyed and appreciated the content and delivery style of your video training course.

Brandon, Consultant, Global Consulting Services Provider

Nabbing that shiny certification

I took my TOGAF certification exams today. The videos really helped me to kick-start my understanding of the way TOGAF approaches things.

Stephen, Consultant, Regional Consulting Firm

Ongoing support

A free online community supported by Conexiam to put the TOGAF standard to practical use.

Hands-on coaching, examples and templates from our famous content framework Navigate, and Predictable EA method.

Share exactly what we use in our consulting engagements.

Its free

Learn at your pace

Self-directed on-demand video-based training.
You control the pace and time of your training.
Learn even while shaving.

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Help Online

Our consultants are available to answer TOGAF theory & practical enterprise architecture  questions.

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TOGAF 9 Training Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to TOGAF the video Course
Unit 1 Introduction to TOGAF the video course
Unit 2 Enterprise Architecture Profession Overview
Module 2 Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
Unit 1 What is an "Enterprise Architecture"
Unit 2 The TOGAF 9.2 Standard Overview
Module 3 Practical EA Case Study
Unit 1 Introduction to Practical EA Case Study
Module 4 Enterprise Architecture Capability
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture Capability (TOGAF Preliminary Phase)
Unit 2 Exercise 1 - Assessing the optimal purpose of an Enterprise Architecture Capability
Module 5 TOGAF 9.2 Architecture Development Method
Unit 1 TOGAF 9.2 ADM Summary
Module 6 Using the Enterprise Architecture
Unit 1 Start at the End - TOGAF Phase G and TOGAF Phase H
Module 7 Understanding Stakeholder and Enteprise Motivation
Unit 1 Capturing the Motivation - TOGAF 9.2 Phase A (Architecture Vision)
Unit 2 Exercise 2 - Driving Motivation (TOGAF Request for Architecture Work)
Module 8 Enterprise Architecture Governance
Unit 1 Enterprise Architecture Governance Introduction
Unit 2 Exercise 3 - Enterprise Architecture Principles
Unit 3 Architecture Stakleholders Theory
Unit 4 Case study Request for Architecture Work
Unit 5 Exercise 4 - Case Study Architecture Stakeholders
Unit 6 Optional - Governor's Guide: Enterprise Architecture Governance Best Practice
Module 9 Enterprise Architecture Development
Unit 1 Phase B - Business Architecture
Unit 2 Exercise 5 - Business Architecture
Unit 3 Phase C - Information Systems Architecture (Application and Data Architecture)
Unit 4 Exercise 6 - Information Systems Architecture (Application Architecture & Data Architecture)
Unit 5 Architecture Viewpoints (Stakeholders, Conecerns and Architecture Views)
Unit 6 Optional - Unpacking Architecture Description (Viewpoint, View, Stakeholder and Concern)
Unit 7 Exercise 7 - Create Architecture View
Unit 8 TOGAF Phase D - Technology Architecture
Unit 9 Optional - Unpacking Infrastructure Architecture Development
Unit 10 Security Architecture and Enterprise Risk
Unit 11 Exercise 8 - Security & Requirements Management (SABSA Business Attributes Profile)
Module 10 Target (Architecture Roadmap and Implementation Plan)
Unit 1 Target Architecture - Developing a unified or integrated Target Architecture
Unit 2 Exercise 9 - Describe the Target Architecture
Unit 3 TOGAF Phase E - Architecture Roadmap and TOGAF Phase F - Implementation Plan
Unit 4 Exercise 10 - Architecture Roadmap
Module 11 TOGAF 9.2 Certification Exam Preparation
Unit 1 TOGAF 9.2 Certification
Unit 2 Optional - TOGAF Certification Exam Preparation Workshop
Module 12 Course Closure
Unit 1 TOGAF the Video Course Close
Unit 2 Putting the TOGAF 9.2 Standard to Practical Use
Unit 3 Conexiam Practical Enterprise Architecture Tools

TOGAF the video - the course that works the way you do

There are many TOGAF courses. They all teach the standard.

We add exactly what we do in the real-world. Every day.

Learn from a vanguard EA consulting organization with field-tested best practices, and instruction delivered by industry thought leaders.

We use this training in our fast-paced Predicable EA Team development engagements.

We are committed 100% to your certification success

We've got alot of experience to share

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